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Definite shopping list for choosing a sportsbook with the best bonus, fair odds and other sports betting requirements fulfilled.

1. What’s on Offer?
Sports betting covers a wide range of sports and the best sports betting site for you will be the one with lots of variety in the sport or sports that interest you.

Some sites have more of a European focus with lots of soccer, cricket and horse racing, others have more of an American feel with American football, baseball, basketball etc.

2. The Best Bet

Choose a site with a wide variety of bets. Look firstly at the range of bets on offer – is there a good choice? Next look at the odds – are they competitive?

Then dig a little deeper and look for free bets, bonuses and whether the site offers proposition bets on specifics such as the scorer of the first goal and the half time score.

Next look at the ease of betting; is the process simple? You should only have to click a few times to place your wager.

3. Ease of Payment

Choose a site with a payment method that is convenient for you. Ensure any site you use offers secure banking and quick withdrawal.

If in any doubt about the safety of a site, check out gambling forums for feedback from other customers. In addition you should make sure the site offers accessible and real time customer support.

4. A Bit of Banter

Many sites offer chat room and forum facilities. These are a great way to swap tips, find out about different sites or have a chat and make friends with other sports fans.

Live Streaming

A great perk on offer at the best online sportsbook sites is live streaming, which could be in the form of live radio or TV coverage. Many sites also offer in-game betting.

So there you have it – all you need to know about choosing the best online sportsbook site. Follow these points and you will find a trustworthy site with all the features you need.

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