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Sports Betting Tips

Betting may be a game where lady luck plays a part, but serious punters do their homework, knowing that a little knowledge can make all the difference between tears of joy and tears of frustration.

Read No Charge Sportsbook’s Top Three Punter Pointers below to increase your winning odds.

  1. Research the range of bets available and determine which type best suits you. Once you know which type of bet to place, trawl your favorite online sportsbook sites for the best odds around.
  1. Make the most of the range of online information available – identify a few online pundits that you trust and find out their predictions before you place your bet. You may well have your own opinions but before you stake money on them it’s advisable to check out the views of others.
  1. Before the match, gen up on your team/horse/player. Find out about injury news, recent form, weather/pitch conditions and any other factors that may affect the result. Make sure you have all the latest information before placing a bet.

Aside from this top three there are two further golden rules:

-       Never bet more than you can afford and

-       Know when you stop

Sports betting is an amazing past time. It combines both luck and skill and can literally have you on the edge of your seat. By understanding how sportsbetting operates, working to your strengths and doing your homework, you can take clear steps to improve your chances of winning.

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